Etherion moves the tower, entirely damaging the newest outer structure, however, making individuals in it unharmed

Etherion moves the tower, entirely damaging the newest outer structure, however, making individuals in it unharmed

At tower, shortly after Natsu defeats Wally and Millianna, Jellal goes toward their chessboard (adorned that have pieces you to show every members of his „game“) and you will knocks the 2 underlings‘ pieces more, representing the defeat. They are aware Simon and Sho enjoys deceived your, however, Jellal was untroubled, and you may rather commands the newest excited Vidaldus and rest of Trinity Raven while making its relocate his „game“.

Jellal upcoming spends Wonders to speak that have everybody in the tower, telling her or him it is the right time to start the brand new „Heaven’s Online game“, proclaiming that the intention of told you „game“ is to try to stop him from using Erza just like the a give up to possess Zeref’s revival because of the beating brand new Trinity Raven. Then he says to men you to Etherion will soon strike, and you will wreck, the new tower, giving them a keen unspecified time-limit to reach the top out-of brand new tower.

Following the one or two blend right back together with her, Jellal’s Magic Electricity is actually completely restored

Right back within Council’s appointment, given that a last push to get the history vote the guy needs, Siegrain says to the Council one to Jellal is wanting to use brand new tower to displace the newest Ebony Mage Zeref, fantastic the newest Council, and you may ultimately causing Siegrain’s suggestion so you’re able to winnings, with Yajima kept the only person facing capturing Etherion. When questioned if he could be ready to accept all the outcomes that go with the shooting off Etherion, Siegrain responses to own Yajima to „hold off and view“.

Jellal continues to knock down bits toward their chess panel as the fresh fights throughout the tower run out, up to Erza defeats Ikaruga and is located at him. While the Erza makes to fight your, Jellal claims you to definitely, no matter his very own loss otherwise win, she’ll getting a give up for Zeref. Jellal following declares there is eight times leftover until Etherion attacks, and you will encourages Erza to take full advantageous asset of said times, attacking their unique together with his Darkness Wonders through to completing his think. Erza seems to overpower all of Jellal’s periods and you can slice your along with her blade, taking your towards soil; Erza after that gets at the top of Jellal and you may factors their unique blade during the their mouth area. She says to their own previous friend which he enjoys hit a brick wall during the completing the latest Roentgen-System, given that tower doesn’t have the Miracle Stamina expected to perform the resurrection: at the least dos.eight Mil Edeas.

Jellal’s Join Serpent Enchantment spreads to your Erza’s human body, restraining their and you will stopping her out of moving

While the Erza states she will only force Jellal to go to for Etherion’s fall so you’re able to wreck her or him one another, Jellal says one this is not such an awful idea, given that their body’s possessed by Zeref, in which he is nothing more Zeref’s tool, not able to be saved by the some beautiful Lima women one. Erza declines their invitation in order to eliminate him, and the a couple of hug both, awaiting the satellite ray to assist them to atone for of its „sins“. Shocked becoming real time following great time, Erza looks around and sees your true internal design out of the brand new tower are, in reality, a gigantic consumption Lacrima. Jellal laughs maniacally, stating to have succeeded inside the purpose, and you will demonstrates to you that Etherion offered the tower towards the requisite dos.7 Mil Edeas needed seriously to give Zeref back once again to lives.

During the Day and age, folks are stunned observe the newest tower nevertheless updates, and an angry Yajima issues Siegrain, who, versus reacting, immediately disappears. He in the future reappears on the Tower Of Eden, in which Erza and you may Jellal is actually. The latest both next proceed to declare that Siegrain and you will Jellal try one to and also the same.

Jellal and you will Erza begin attacking once more, now with Erza being controlled by Jellal’s recovered fuel. Erza will then be pushed into the Roentgen-Program crystal to get sacrificed, but not, Natsu abruptly seems and you may draws their own aside. Erza warns Natsu to leave their own, because Jellal is just too solid, but he refuses and knocks their own out. Then prepares to fight Jellal, exactly who gladly accepts the trouble.

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